Let’s go on an adventure!


“Off to adventure”, sings the hidalgo, a kind of Spanish knight, in Robert Schumann’s song of the same name. It is in this spirit that the HIDALGO has been going
pilot event in 2017
annually in Munich and is growing steadily. It all started with a small circle of enthusiastic friends – in the last edition of the HIDALGO Festival for Young Classical Music 2022, more than 150 people were involved on and behind the stage.

The musical core of the festival is the art song. HIDALGO has now made a name for itself beyond Munich – with the productions created here, HIDALGO is performing its first guest performances throughout Germany.

Right from the start, the festival receives a great deal of media attention.
“Hidalgo is one of the most exciting young and innovative classical music festivals with a focus on song in the world”
writes Crescendo magazine.
“The best up-and-coming singers in the coolest places in town” is how Bayerischer Rundfunk sums up the festival,
“Classical music dusted off and modernized”
says Concerti. “A great organizational achievement,” judges the Münchner Merkur. The Abendzeitung experiences the music here “much more intensively than in a normal concert hall”. In 2020, she awarded us the “
Culture Star of the Year 2020
” award. And the Süddeutsche Zeitung simply states: “Classical music is alive and kicking.”

As guests and as an important addition to our own productions, we invite exciting
artists and ensembles
who inspire us, are current and bring something completely new to Munich. We handpick formats that break with rules, genres and expectations at a high musical level.

Our trademark – in addition to the interdisciplinary productions – are the unusual locations that we select during the festival period in late summer and fall. For us, the location is a central part of the art experience. We don’t play in concert halls, but in parking lots, nightclubs or hairdressers. In this way, we create our own concert space for one evening. We turn all the senses of artists and spectators to maximum absorption. There is no pattern with the HIDALGO. It is a new path every time that we all walk together for the first time.


“The idea is to get the art song out of its somewhat cultivated, elitist corner without compromising on quality, to get closer to the emotional ember core music and to appeal to a younger audience with scenic forms. The organizers around Tom Wilmersdörffer, Philipp Nowotny and conductor Johanna Malangré succeeded particularly well in the difficult third round of this small but noble festival this year. And we hope that this will succeed again in the fourth year.”

Abendzeitung: “Kulturstern 2020” in the field of classical music for the HIDALGO Festival 2020

“In view of the coronavirus crisis, the theme of the HIDALGO Festival 2020 is almost prophetic: “Failure” in all its facets. The art song as a timeless and text-based medium serves HIDALGO as the core and starting point of the discussion. Boundaries between genres and artistic genres are dissolved, high culture meets niche.”

Federal Cultural Foundation: Funding for the HIDALGO Festival 2020

“The jury was impressed by this consistent and interdisciplinary approach to a tradition that is being redesigned with highly contemporary content and creative approaches. The innovative and contemporary program and location design already proved its worth at its premiere. [des HIDALGO]that the repositioning of the genre of art song takes it back to its origins, which lie at the beginning of the bourgeois era: after all, it has always been a very individual and direct form of artistic expression – beyond forms, conventions and institutions.”

City of Munich: Project grant “Young Art / New Media for Music 2019” for the production “Scrollen in Tiefsee – ein lyrisches Gesamtkunstwerk” (Director: Tom Wilmersdörffer)