At the HIDALGO WERKSTATT, we connect people of different origins, ages, and social backgrounds through integrative music education.

1. we create together – with us there is no mere participation

2. we create opportunities for expression through music and art

3. we form an active society through participation and interaction

4. we create our own place to live

5. we break down social barriers through music

6 We live diversity and enable cultural access for other social milieus

7. we go to people who don’t or can’t come themselves.

8. we break down distances and dare to use unusual formats

9. we take our time

10. we create the highest quality with it and in it

From fall 2023, we will bring our years of experience from cross-disciplinary projects and productions to the new HIDALGO workshop. As in our previous stage formats, social dialog is a central concern for us. We are convinced that it can be created through a shared, especially interactive experience of (classical) music and art.

We make use of our network of outstanding artists trained in music education. The music education program is developed jointly and based on our ambitious annual festival productions. In this way, they benefit from our artistic expertise, but create their own educational formats, which we continue to develop in the long term.

In the HIDALGO workshop, we use and combine music, dance, visual arts, singing and acting, among other things. In the 2023/24 school year, for example, pupils will be exploring their digital selves and physical means of expression. They develop creative flash mobs (Who Are You) or their own choreographies (Dance the normal madness).

The participants in our workshops and workshop formats are supported and accompanied by classical instrumentalists, sound and AI artists, dance teachers and our music mediators.