13 artists have come together to form the HIDALGO collective since the beginning of 2022. In their stage productions, they combine the fields of composition, text, digital art, directing, choreography, dramaturgy, concert design, visual arts and neuroscience. The artistic director is Tom Wilmersdörffer.

Cello, Konzertdramaturgie & Dramaturgische Direktion
Kamera, Lichtgestaltung, Montage
Komposition & Bühnenkunst
Choreografie & Medienkunst
Bildende Kunst
Gründer, Regie, ehem. Künstlerische Leitung
Piano & Konzertdesign

The HIDALGO collective designs stage works exclusively for cooperation partners. Concepts and entire productions can thus be created at other concert halls, theaters and festivals.

In the HIDALGO COLLECTIVE Productions we combine Concert Design, Installation und Music Theater. We also perform some formats repeatedly as guest performances throughout Germany.

Three times a year, the collective comes together on site for special workshop phases – and invites interdisciplinary lecturers.