Photo: Max Ott


“Everyone involved must form a good team”

The cultural manager
has been the good soul of HIDALGO for years – and is now in charge of the new “People & Culture” department. There, she ensures that everyone is doing well, that great new minds come in and that the HIDALGO grows with the right values. In this interview, she explains why she is taking part, how volunteers can get involved and what it takes backstage to create good art

Philipp Nowotny


Liz, you’ve been working with us since 2020. How did you find out about the HIDALGO yourself?

First through Instagram, later through a job advertisement. The people on the website seemed very personable. I immediately wanted to become part of this team. And this despite the fact that classical music wasn’t really my genre and I originally came from the visual arts.

You’ve already worked a lot in culture – what’s new at HIDALGO?

The blatant structure. The company is very well thought out. Just how the company organizational chart or the individual role profiles are designed. Processes are set up for everything. I have never experienced this anywhere else. It’s something that I appreciate and curse at the same time.

Our collective member Friederike Bernhardt once described us as a “cultural office”, is she right?

Yes! (laughs) And with all this structure, you mustn’t forget the people inside. The people involved have to form a good team, which is just as important as achieving good results.

Photo: Lisa Notzke


You are in charge of the new “People & Culture” department at HIDALGO – what is your most important goal?

I want to build up a network of people at a healthy pace who think of the HIDALGO with a smile, are proud of their contribution and feel part of this cosmos – no matter what their task is. My motivation is to connect people and to work behind the scenes so that we can put good art on stage.

Your tasks will also include supervising and coordinating the volunteer crew, i.e. the numerous volunteers. Who can take part?

In principle, anyone who has the time and inclination. As you can see from me: No musicological expertise is required to take part in HIDALGO. There’s something for everyone: standing at the ticket desk, the
festival guides
into envelopes, maintaining contact with donors, looking after artists, supporting us on social media, helping out on stage…

How do I apply?

There is no application – simply fill out the application form on the website.
registration form for volunteers
or call us directly. If no one answers, we’ll call you back. The next step is for you to drop by our office and we can get to know each other over a coffee. You don’t commit to anything and only do things with us that you have the time and inclination for. We would be delighted if you would support us in your free time – and feel so comfortable that you would like to take part again and again.