Contribution regulations

for the
Friends of HIDALGO e.V.

1. supporting members of the Friends of HIDALGO e.V. pay the following annual fees:

  • from 168 Euro Barón / Barónesa
  • from 84 Euro Hidalgo / Hidalga
  • from 36 Euro Hidalgo / Hidalga (with discount entitlement)

2. regular members of the Friends of HIDALGO e.V. pay the following annual fees:

  • 72 Euro Regular member
  • 36 Euro regular member (with discount entitlement)

3. the following are entitled to a discount

  • Under 30-year-olds
  • Pupils
  • Apprentices
  • Students
  • Persons with severe disabilities
  • Munich Pass holders (and persons with comparable benefits)

4. a reason for a reduction must exist on January 1 of the respective contribution year in order to be entitled to a reduction. Proof of the reason for the reduction must be provided on request. If it is unclear whether the conditions for a reduction are met or in the event of a dispute regarding the membership fee, the Board of Directors shall decide by majority vote. No reimbursement of membership fees paid will be made for discounts not used.

5. if joining the association after July 1 of a given year, only half of the annual membership fee is payable.

6. the contribution is collected annually by direct debit mandate.

7 The Friends of HIDALGO e.V. do not charge a registration fee.

8. the Board of Directors may, by majority vote, waive the membership fee of an Association member in part or in full in cases of hardship.

9 These contribution regulations shall enter into force with the resolution of the General Meeting on May 11, 2022. The new membership fee regulations will apply to existing memberships from January 1, 2023.