Cordula Gielen
Katarina Ravlić

Tom Wilmersdörffer

180 minutes

Songs by Nikolai Medtner
Songs by Franz Schubert
Songs by Hugo Wolf


1 baritone – Ludwig Mittelhammer
1 Lied accompanist – Jonathan Ware


09.09.2018 – Barber House Munich

SAMSON is an almost informal evening of songs in a small group, a tribute to the salon societies of the Romantic era: fine spirits, a sophisticated ambience and songs of the highest quality. Around 30 members of the audience take part in this exclusive soiree. The barbers present offer shaves and massages while enjoying drinks and food.

At SAMSON, time and zeitgeist can be experienced in several ways: songs from times gone by can be heard in a retro-modern setting, old salon music in a trendy men’s salon.

For centuries, indeed probably always, people have been exchanging ideas, indulging in conversation, enjoying themselves physically and aesthetically – these are basic human needs. However, fashions, hairstyles and world views have changed. At SAMSON, this contrast is reflected in objects, books and magazines from different decades that are typical of their time. Spread throughout the salon, they invite you to entertain and ponder.

We can reflect ourselves in objects typical of our time, but also in music and in other people. The singing and the piano throw the individual back on himself and bring him into contact with himself. Conversation, on the other hand, connects people with their counterparts, anchors them in the present and defines the world in which we move together.

Goethe describes the spirit of the times in “Faust” with the verses: “What you call the spirit of the times, / That is basically the masters’ own spirit, / In which the times are reflected.” Zeitgeist thus becomes the common denominator between different people, the sum of personal attitudes at a given point in time. SAMSON is an invitation to enjoyably engage with today, yesterday and finiteness through song, spiritual drinks and good conversation.




The cast corresponds to the usual artistic level of HIDALGO and its artist collective. The artists may vary depending on availability.