We wanted to make a festival about failure. Because failure is a very intimate moment. Because nobody likes to fail, especially not in front of everyone. And because hardly anyone likes to talk about it. We wanted to focus on failure and artistically illuminate it from all sides – with extraordinary locations, exclusive installations and top artists.

But then came corona. Failure is now an omnipresent experience for all of us. Paradoxically, however, our festival of failure is now becoming a story of success. Despite the pandemic, we can offer concerte that many have been working towards for months. We can offer our audience – albeit on a smaller scale, with fewer spectators

and the necessary safety distance – create intense, intoxicating, possibly even existential moments with our art.

Our festival is our artistic approach to dealing with the past months and the great distance between us. Our audience will experience song and orchestral concerts in unusual surroundings. You will listen to Renaissance pieces during a boxing match, talk to the stage artists via smartphone and sit between climbing walls in an orchestra. You will wander through a song installation on a parking garage deck, experience a migration-biographical music-video-dance performance in a club and find our song duos in 24 mini-concerts spread throughout the city.

The HIDALGO will be back in Munich in 2021. Let’s go on an adventure!

Your HIDALGO team