Marstall – Samstag, 18.3. Eine neue Sinnlichkeit

Installation with performance

We are on the brink of a new era: digital space is beginning to smell and taste, it is becoming immediately tangible – and we can use technology to feel what other people feel. Based on this vision, the HIDALGO collective is developing a performative installation. With cello improvisations, digital sound art, video animation and two actors, we celebrate a modern ritual in which the audience can participate.


Tom Wilmersdörffer

Alexander Mrohs

Christopher Verworner

Paul Bießmann

Martin Wöllenstein

Jakob Roters

Anna Bardavelidze
Valentino Dalle Mura

TON Stefan Schnurr

Resi digital: New sensuality

Saturday, 18.3.2023

4 to 8 p.m.: Exhibition in the Marstall on the
“New Sensuality”
we will perform the HIDALGO installation in the foyer – FREE ADMISSION

approx. 7.30 pm: A new sensuality – HIDALGO closing performance – ADMISSION FREE

8 pm: Discussion in the Marstall on the “New Sensuality” –

Afterwards: “Party for the new sensuality”



No fear of progress: with a feast for the senses, the HIDALGO collective celebrates a utopian time that may have already begun. It dissolves the boundaries between the digital world and sensory experience.

The HIDALGO collective will be performing an installation for the Residenztheater Munich on Saturday, March 18, 2023, from 4 to 8 pm. It is part of the event
“Resi digital: New sensuality”
at the Marstall. The interdisciplinary work combines sound art, light and spatial design as well as performance with technical elements such as projection mapping and sensor technology. At around 7.30 pm we will conclude the installation with a final performance.

The HIDALGO collective creates an interactive vision: digitality and physical existence have merged into a higher existence in a new age. More than eight billion people no longer experience the world only through their own limited glasses. Instead, we can also see, hear, smell, taste and feel what other people experience. We perceive different lives and worlds in parallel.

The HIDALGO installation can be experienced between 4 and 8 pm in the foyer of the Marstall. The final performance lasts around 15 minutes and starts at around 7.30 pm. Further installations by other artists and groups will be on display in the Marstall from 4pm. A discussion will follow at 8 pm. Afterwards, the Residenztheater invites you to a “Party of New Sensuality”.

Resi digital: New sensuality

With the
“New Sensuality”
the Residenztheater is expanding the performing arts. The focus here is on an aesthetic fusion of technological innovations with the versatile sensory levels of experience in the theater. This new approach will be discussed with scientists, artists and programmers at the
kick-off event on March 18
at the Marstall.

In cooperation with the XR HUB Bavaria, Bayerischer Rundfunk, the Goethe Institute and the Chair of Philosophy of Mind at LMU Munich, the processuality and potential of the connection between theater and technology will be made tangible based on artistic and scientific perspectives.

Image: Pixabay, Ilja Mirsky; Video: Alexander Mrohs